April 13, 2013

Tools Shed – Dramm Tools

Spring is here and it is time to start checking out your tools to see if they might need replacing. This applies to all your tools. If you have a poor tool it can really make your job harder and that will take all the fun out of gardening for you. We found an easy way to find some really excellent tools. We just looked for the colorful Dramm display at our local garden center. Dramm makes a huge line of quality tools. We first started with the watering tools. Dramm has been the leader in watering tools for decades. Judy started with the handheld watering tools. The watering wand will help you reach all those tall hanging baskets and when you pair it with the shut-off valve you can save a ton of water too. Then we saw the hand held sprayer. It had a choice of 9 different settings so you could go from a powerful stream to a light mist; perfect for any garden job. William then showed us the large yard watering tools. The first one was the stationary watering station. This one was like the handheld version because you could turn a wheel to get the perfect pattern for your lawn or garden. If you had a large area they also make an oscillating sprinkler. And don’t forget the wonderful heavy duty hoses if you need to replace your old one.

Dramm also makes a great line of pruning tools. They carry pruners from the big ‘loppers’ to the smaller pair that is used for fine cutting of flowers. They also have a gardening apron to carry everything in, so you don’t leave your tools around the yard! We found a great selection at Cornell Farms, but Dramm tools are available at most of your local garden centers.

June 18, 2011


We are tired of lugging our potted plants around every time the season changes.  Our problem was solved by a new product we found called the Potlifter.  This product is designed to lift just about anything in the garden.  The buckle was easy to latch and handles were comfortable to use.  They say you can use it to carry pots, stumps, boulders and even sacks of concrete.  As long as it is 72 inches around and less than 200 pounds it can be carried safely and easily.  You can find them at most of your local garden centers or at The Greenhouse Catalog (800-825-1925).

October 2, 2010

Our trip to the Tool Shed took us to Boring Oregon again to chat with Bob Denman from Red Pig tools (503-663-9404). Bob pulled out an old tool that is finding favor with new organic gardeners. The Broad Fork is a great tool for breaking up the soil without ruining the soil profile. This tool works to loosen the soil and keeps it intact. Sometimes by using a tiller you are breaking up the structure of the soil and actually causing damage to the structure and beneficial animals that you are trying to create. You use this tool by first creating a row along one end of your garden. Then you slowly work backwards from that row and break up the soil by using that negative space. This is a great tool if you are trying to get the job done without a lot of negative impact on the soil.

August 22, 2009

One of the oldest tools in the garden is the scythe or sickle and to learn more about it we traveled to Boring, Oregon to visit with our tool expert Bob Denman of Red Pig Tools (503-663-9404).  This tool originated as a jawbone of an animal that was used for cutting grass.  The key to using this tool correctly is technique.  Bob found that a lot of people use a hacking motion when cutting grass, when really you need to use a smooth drawing action to make it work well.  You simply place the blade against the base of the grass and draw it toward you while holding the top of the grass.  This makes the cut without all the effort.  Bob is the expert in correct posture for the use of many tools (that he also makes) so feel free to contact him if you have any tool questions.

May 30, 2009

We found a brand new ‘tool’ that will help you in lots of ways around the garden. The Pruning Partner (502-857-4564) is a great item because it can do lots of things. First of all it helps you keep your garden clean during pruning. All you have to do it attach the triangular Velcro lined pieces in a shape to fit your garden beds or plants. This could be a circle, an ‘L’ shape or even a straight line. Then as you prune the pieces will fall on the Partner and you can just roll it up and dump the pieces in your compost bin, no raking needed. You can also use it as a drop cloth for painting. You can even use it when you are digging soil out of your garden. It will help keep the dirt off of your lawn while you work and then, when you are done, you can just put the soil back in the bed and your lawn is soil free! You can order this great product on-line at

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