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January 2018


Hello all and welcome to 2018!

Yes, we are still in our hiatus for the winter. We are just starting to book some of the new stories we will be taping for the show starting in February.

While we are gone we would like you to enjoy the stories listed below. They are some of our favorites!

While we have been off the air there are a few things we would like to update you on. First we will be back at the same times on all 3 TV stations in Oregon starting March 3rd.

Also, we only have a handful of spaces available for our tour this coming August to London, Paris and Belgium. We have extended the $300 discount until February 1st for those who wanted to get their taxes done before signing up! Hurry, time and space is running out! Check out the ĎToursí link on our webpage to get more information!

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Enjoy these wonderful stories...

Fall and Winter Succulents

Fall and Winter Succulents

Most plants love the Northwest and that includes some of the desert succulents. You may think they like the drier and warmer conditions of the desert but Burl Mostel of Rare Plant Research showed us a bunch of plants that can handle the cold and wet of our area. Some of the plants that he liked were agaves, aeoniums and echeverias. The types and varieties that he included were some Agaves (parryii, variegata, filifera, and geminiflora), a couple aeoniums (Salad Bowl and Swartkopt) and an echeveria hybrid. Some of these take a little protection and most like quick drainage, which means they want the water to drain fairly quickly. If you are interested in trying some of these plants you can check at your garden center or you can drop Burl an e-mail to get one or two.

Fall & Winter Equipment Maintenance

Fall & Winter Equipment Maintenance

It is the time of year that we are putting away our power tools for the season and to keep them in the best condition for the next year; give them a tune-up for the winter. Wayne from STIHL tools talked about how important it is to either get the old fuel out of your equipment or to add a fuel stabilizer so the fuel stays viable and doesnít gum up your machine. He also talked about the new electrical and battery operated equipment that is now available. Remember to keep those batteries from freezing to prevent damage to them as well. You will also want to check the cutting edges and moving parts of your mower, blower, chain saw and other equipment for the cold months ahead! The benefit of doing it now keeps your tools in the best condition so you have less maintenance in the future. Check air filters and spark plugs. Sharpen blades/chains and clean all surfaces. If it sounds like too much to tackle, you can always take it to your local STIHL tool dealer.

Cold Protection

Cold Protection

On a recent show we showed you how easy it was to build a Solexx Greenhouse. This is the best way to extend your growing season and the get a jump start on the spring, but what if you donít have the room for a greenhouse? There are still plenty of ways to protect your tender flowers and vegetables. We returned to The Greenhouse Catalog (800-825-1925) and visited with Bev again. We started outside at a cold frame that was on a hinge that protected a flower bed that even had strawberries in it. It opened up and if the weather started getting bad you could just lift up the legs and drop it to the ground. Bev also recommended that you get a soil heating cable. This cable can be slightly buried in the ground and it will help keep the soil warm so your plants wonít suffer. We then ducked inside a greenhouse to escape a heavy rain shower and see some other season extending tools for your kit. These were a collection of frost cloths and bags that you can use to cover or wrap your plants. They are easy to use and let the water and air in, but keep the cool out! If you are looking for tools to extend your growing season or even to get a jump start on the new growing season, stop by The Greenhouse Catalog in Brooks, or check them out on-line.

Grimmís Fall and Winter Mulch

Grimmís Fall Mulch

Believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about your summer garden. If your garden is getting tired and needs a boost, then you should be adding garden compost now. It is also the time to add mulch to your garden to protect your plants and add nutrients to the soil. Jeff Grimm from Grimmís Fuel (503-636-3623) showed Judy all the different mulches and composts available and the benefits of each one. You can even use some of them for erosion control. We also found out the differences between all the different barks that are available, plus if you donít want to spend time shoveling, they can even blow it in for you. Now is also the time to get your wood for the coming winter. Grimmís not only has barks and mulches for your garden they also supply wood and heating oil too. Give them a call before itís too late!

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