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Hosts Ryan Seely and
 Judy Alleruzzo


Episode 619 • November 27, 2021


COVID-19 AWARENESS: Please note that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our on-air personalities, interviewees and crew safe during this challenging time. However, we do run repeat stories and segments that were shot last year, before social distancing practices were recommended by health officials. If you see our hosts standing close to someone, please be assured that the segment was shot before March of 2020. We thank you for your concern and your interest in Garden Time.

Today is the day. Today we wrap up our 16th season of the Garden Time show. This year has been a busy one for us and everyone in the garden industry. We have watched as our world started to return to normal and as our garden viewers and sponsors have pushed gardening to the next level. Gardeners of all levels have told us that gardening helped them get through the craziness. Thanks for joining us for the crazy ride that was 2021. If you start to miss us, remember that we will return on March 5th of 2022.

One more reminder that our Garden Time tour to Holland and Belgium is now open for booking. We will be traveling in September of 2022. Come join us! Click here for details.

We hope that you all have a great holiday season and a wonderful and healthy new year.

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This week we featured...

Silver Falls Terrariums

Silver Falls Terrariums

The push for indoor plants and gardens has renewed a love of terrariums among gardeners. Terrariums are not new, but for many people they just don’t know where to start. We found someone who can help you take that first step. We met with Gregg Harris from Silver Falls Terrariums (503-926-1388) in Silverton to talk about the history of terrariums and how people can build one for themselves. Gregg has been building terrariums since 1968 and has had numerous businesses dealing with plants and terrariums. We met at his new shop in Silverton where he had everything set up for us.

The first thing he talked about was what makes a true terrarium. A true terrarium is a closed system. Once it is build and the lid is put on it, it should survive for quite a while without the need to open it for watering and maintenance. A lot of people think they have a terrarium, but what they have is a glass planter. That is what makes a terrarium so wonderful, it is a self-contained garden. The organisms in the soil and plants feed and take care of each other. They recycle their water and gasses to benefit all. The soil microbes breathe oxygen and release carbon dioxide, the plants breathe carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Because of this symbiotic relationship your terrarium can stay closed for decades. For your terrarium to do that you need to start with the right materials and construct it correctly. Gregg showed us how you start with great drainage and then build up from there. Plant selection is very important and your choices will help determine the overall health of your terrarium. Gregg recommends tropical plants that will remain small or are slow growing. Once you have chosen the right, non-deciduous, low light plants and have all your elements assembled, then you pick a nice spot in your home with a consistent temperature and indirect sunlight. Gregg also brought up the point that condensation will appear at various times. He uses a magnet on the inside/outside of the glass to remove the moisture.

If you would like to build your own terrarium, or pick one up that is already assembled, give them a call or stop by. Silver Falls Terrarium has classes and pre-assembled terrariums for you to choose from. They also guarantee their terrariums so you can be sure that yours will do well over time. The holidays are coming up and a terrarium or a class would be a great gift for your favorite gardener.

Winter Garden Protection

Winter Garden Protection

The winter winds are blowing! Actually, if you are a gardener, the winds are only part of the problem. Winter could also bring snow and ice too. Here are a few tips to help you and your garden survive the upcoming weather.

First, your plants in your garden beds. You can rake your leaves into the beds to create a layer of protection for your tender perennials, or have some mulch brought in from a quality company like Grimm’s Fuel. If you have a larger plant you can use an old shower curtain or a piece of plastic. Use something that will let light pass through it so your plants can continue to grow and get some sunlight. Don’t use a blanket or towels. These retain moisture and block the warming sunlight, and can create more problems for your plants.

Then check the plants on your back deck or patio. If you have containers, move them up to the side of your house. The siding of your home will block the cold winds and the retained heat of the house, especially on the south facing side, will help them beat those chilly mornings. Remember that plants that are under your eaves will not get as much natural rainwater as your other plants and may need a drink or two over the winter months to stay healthy. A well-watered plant will be healthier and will be able to survive the extreme temps better.

Next, check our your broad-branched roses and perennials. Snow can load up the branches and pull them to the ground splitting and breaking the center of your plants. Do this sparingly. Some of these branches hold your blooms for the coming year, so try not to prune them off unless you have to. Roses can be safely cut down to about knee or waist high.

Finally, those tall landscape trees. Once again a heavy snow or ice storm can add a lot of weight to your decorative trees. Make sure to check to see if the branches can handle the weight. If you see a lot of branches bending, take a broom or rake and shake the snow off the lower limbs and then work your way to the higher limbs. If you start with the higher limbs the additional weight on the lower limbs may cause damage. Start low and work your way up, then work your way back down again, shaking the snow off as you go. If you can’t remove the snow, or the layer of ice is too heavy, consider using pieces of wood like 2x4s to prop up those weighted limbs. If you do get some damage to your favorite trees, call a certified arborist (like our friends at Bartlett Tree Experts) to get professional advice for saving those trees.

Terra Casa Stocking Stuffers

Terra Casa Stocking Stuffers

With the arrival of the holidays we are looking at decorating and gift giving. To get some tips on both, we stopped by Terra Casa (503-577-8242) and talked to Diana. First we talked about a great decorating idea that she uses in the store. This involves small eye bolts or teacup hooks. She uses these to take her decorating to a new level. By installing these in the ceiling she can hang ornaments or decorations anywhere in the store (or a room). You can now spread holiday cheer throughout your home! Once the holidays are done you can hang different decorations or remove the hooks and patch the hole with a little toothpaste or wall putty.

Then we moved to a different part of the store to talk about stocking stuffers. Terra Casa is known for their great indoor and outdoor décor items, but hey have a huge selection of gifts as well, both large and small. Some of the ideas for cute gifts included puzzles, socks, books, cards, music boxes and other little funny items. Some of them can be a little naughty too, but all of them will bring a smile or a laugh.

If you are looking for decorating ideas, or for that one-of-a-kind gift for someone special, stop by Terra Casa.

Winter Indoor Plant Care

Winter Indoor Plant Care

The winter is when all your indoor plants could start showing signs of pests and diseases. We stopped by Al’s Garden and Home in Wilsonville to get some quick tips for winter plant care for your indoor plants. First you will want to give them a good cleaning. You can mist them with water and wipe them down, or you can use a ‘leaf shine’ product on the larger leafed plants to knock off the dust and dirt. While you are doing that, check for bugs or diseases. If you notice something you may want to check with your local garden center to narrow down what you find.

For a quick solution to a bug problem, you can use a synthetic approach. Ryan had a product from Bonide, the Systemic Houseplant Insect Control. This product is sprinkled around the base of the plant and is taken up through the ‘system’ of the plant. This takes care of those critters in the roots and the leaves. Another product you can use is the ‘Eight Insect Control’. This is a foliar application so you spray it on the leaves to knock down those nasty bugs.

For the natural products you could use the Bonide Insecticidal Soap spray. This is a natural product that will smother the eggs and young insects. If you have a problem with mites, you might want to use the Bonide Mite-X product. There was one last natural product from Bonide called Bon-Neem. This product is a double hit to bugs. The first effect is a quick knock-down action for the bugs and then the sulfur in the product will help control fungus and mites.

Of course the difference between the natural product and the chemical product is the times for application. Natural and Organic products have to be applied more often than synthetic and chemical products. Natural and organic products tend to break down quicker in nature than the others.

Always remember that the label is the law! Always follow the label instructions for proper use and don’t use a product for a problem that isn’t listed on the label. For a Bonide retailer near you, you can always go the Bonide website. We also recommend that you call first so you can be sure they have the product you need before you show up.

Little Prince Indoor Plants

Little Prince Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are the hottest trend and people are looking for the newest and most interesting indoor plants on the market. Their search just got a lot easier! We stopped by Little Prince of Oregon and talked to Joan about their new line of plants called ‘Beau Chateau’. This is group of plants that they call ‘Sophisticated Houseplants’. Growing indoor plants is a lot like growing outdoor plants. You need to know their needs to be successful. Some plants like drier conditions and some a good wet soil, some prefer shade and others a little more sunshine. Joan told us that the Little Prince plants always have the correct information on the plant tag to help you become successful. Also, you can find plants to cover any room or space.

A few of the plants she had on the table in front of her were, the eyelash fern, the Brazilian tree fern, a couple tillandsias, a few unique philodendrons, some beautiful begonias, a variegated ‘string of pearls’ and the VERY cool variegated ‘Tricolor Artillery Plant’. These are only a few of the cool indoor plants you can find at Little Prince. If you are looking to pick up one (or ten) you can check out the selection at your local independent garden center. You can also buy them from Little Prince.

Garden Like a Girl Gloves

Garden Like a Girl Gloves

A few years ago we heard about a new company in the Portland area and we introduced them to you, 'Garden Like a Girl' gloves. Garden Like a Girl was started by Tom and Mary Garlock. Mary is a gardener and always found that her garden gloves just were not cutting it! They would wear-out quickly, let dirt in and could get sopping wet if working around water. She also found out that the materials in the most popular gloves on the market contained known carcinogens. Both Tom and Mary are cancer survivors and so they decided they had to find a better glove, that is when they started to design their own. Tom had a background in making and marketing sports gloves so he knew how to start the design process.

When we did our first story with them, they were in the middle of wear-testing their designs and fund raising for further development. Now we are so happy to announce that they are in full production and have their gloves available for sale in selected garden centers and on their website. As with any new successful product, the key is in the details! They spent the last few years working on a glove that is truly 'Ruggedly Feminine'. They have finger tips reinforced with KEVLAR so your nails won't poke through them. The palms are padded so your hands are protected from those sharp and pointy plants. There is a breathable panel on the back so your hands don't get so sweaty when wearing them, and there is an adjustable wristband so they stay on, nice and tight. They are designed to fit well!

They also carry a nice group of other garden clothing that is made from combinations of recycled plastic bottles, upcycled cotton and organic cotton. You can find v-neck, short sleeve and long sleeved shirts. They also have hoodies, pullovers and even masks to keep you safe.

These shirts not only feel good, they do good too. A percentage of profits from the sale of shirts and gloves goes to cancer research. Check out their website and then pick up a pair for the garden. They would be a great gift for the holidays!

TOW – Preserving Holiday Greens

Preserving Holiday Greens

The smell of fresh greens in the home during the holidays is intoxicating! But after a few days those fresh cut greens can become 'dried' cut greens and a fire hazard. We found a product that can help seal in the moisture and prevent those greens from drying out. Wilt Stop from Bonide can be sprayed on your greens to seal in the moisture and help them last longer. It can also be used on your outdoor conifers to seal in the moisture and help prevent winter wind and cold damage. We found this product at a lot of the independent garden centers around the area. If you need to find the location nearest you, check out their 'Store Locator' on their website.

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