Judy Alleruzzo


November 29, 2008



William McClenathan

Check out these features, created especially for the Garden Time website!

Christmas Tree Varieties

We were out at Lee Farms (503-638-1869) in Tualatin to visit with Craig Lee about the most popular types of cut Christmas trees.  The varieties that Oregonians are buying include Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Nobel Fir and the Frasier Fir.  The most popular tree is the Noble fir, but the Frasier fir is gaining ground, because it is very fragrant.  Lee’s also carries the wonderful Davis Tree Stand.  Pick one up and you will never need another stand again!  Stop by Lee’s for your Christmas tree, they are open 9:00am to dusk through the holidays.

Kindergarden – Milk Jug Feeder

It is easy to teach your kids about backyard birds and recycling, with this easy craft project that’s for the birds!  You can recycle a milk jug and make it into a bird feeder.  Myra Lukens from the Backyard Bird Shop (503-635-2044) brought some of her friends to the store and gave us a quick lesson on building one.  All you need is an empty clean milk jug, a dowel for a perch, some wire for a hanger and some seed.  Hang it from a tree branch, and the birds will soon find the new feeder.  You can find instructions at your local Backyard Bird Shop or by clicking here.  

Tracy’s Pruning Tips #2

We were joined once again by Tracy DiSabato-Aust, to chat a little bit more on pruning techniques and what pruning you should do for the coming winter.  Tracy who is known as the ‘Queen of Deadheading’ has written a couple of great Timber Press (1-800-327-5680) books on perennial gardening, pruning and design.  This week we talked about the different tools you will need to prune correctly.  Then we talked about how and when to prune.  First, remove all your diseased garden plants.  Some of your favorite plants will start showing signs of powdery mildew or gray mold.  Cut down those plants and get rid of the diseased foliage.  Then you can be selective about your pruning.  Enjoy some of the seed heads and flower stalks of your favorite plants.  Grasses are great at providing winter interest too.  

Winter Containers

Nothing makes a better impression on your holiday guests than a beautiful entryway to your home!  Deby Barnhart from Cornell Farm (503-292-9895) designs some of the best decorative pots and containers in the state.  Deby uses some great combinations of plants in her designs and some even include bulbs to carry the color into spring.  We also talked to her about different structure plants in her containers.  A lot of people over look some of the flowering shrubs and conifers that you can use in your plantings.  She really liked some of the winter camellias that are just coming into bloom.  If you would like more ideas, check out Cornell Farm or your local independent garden center.

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