January 12, 2008


Is it bad to wish for snow?  With all this cold wet weather we might as well have a couple of days of the white, fluffy stuff.  We have left some of our plants tall and have not cut them back so we can appreciate their winter structure and nothing shows off that structure like a dusting of snow.  In fact, Judy just posted some pictures of her trip to Chicago and the snow on her mother’s plants on the Garden Time Blog.  Beautiful!

Of course there are other things you could do in the garden so check out this week’s new stories…

This week we feature...

Winter Insect Control

Some spring and summer plant problems can be avoided if you take a few preventative measures.  Pre-season spraying can take care of things like scale, mites, leaf curl and other problems.  William talked about checking your indoor plants.  Look in all the hidden places including leaf joints or nodes and under leaves for signs of disease or pests.  You can then use some safe products like insecticidal soaps and other organic materials to treat the problems.  Then Judy talked about dormant spraying and some of the ways you can tackle that.  Dormant spraying is when you treat plants during their dormant phase, when they are not actively growing.  This especially refers to fruit trees.  They respond well if you apply preventative measures before the new buds break in the early spring.  Judy mentioned hose end sprayers as a way to apply chemicals.  These fit on the end of your hose and usually have a regulator that measures the amount of spray that you can apply.  If the job is small there are also pump sprayers you can use.   Check with your local garden center to diagnose your plant problems and help select the right treatments you can use.

Bauman Winter Succulents

You can still enjoy fresh containers of colorful plants during the winter.  Succulents are the plants of choice for a lot of people.  A couple of weeks ago we looked at some succulents and found out that many of them are very hardy and perfect for our area.  We stopped by Bauman’s Farm and Garden (503-792-3524) to see how they have built a bunch of wonderful containers that include succulents and other cold hardy plants.  Brian showed us some succulents that even change color the colder they get.  If you are looking for some cool winter containers or some ideas for building your own, check out the selection at Bauman’s.

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