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Judy Alleruzzo


 Episode 103
September 13, 2008



William McClenathan

Le Tour des Plants is here!  This is a celebration of the fall season.  There are 49 different garden centers that are participating and we travel to see a bunch of them in this week’s show.  With this great weather we can not only enjoy all the great activities but we can get some new plants in the ground to enjoy now and also get a jump on the garden for next year.

This week we featured...

Le Tour des Plants

This is our 3rd annual tour of garden centers for Le Tour des Plants.  We visited quite a few locations and we wanted to share a few with you.  First we stopped by Tsugawa Nursery (360-225-8750) in Woodland, Washington to learn about the basics of bonsai.  Bonsai is the perfect hobby for today’s’ small gardens.  The items that you will need are a small plant, a bonsai container, special soil and some tools.  The art of growing these plants has been around for centuries.  If you have any questions Tsugawa’s will be having seminars on both Saturdays of Le Tour.

Portland Nursery on Division (503-788-9000) is one of the big supporters of Le Tour and they have a bunch of activities planned.  This Saturday they have a live broadcast of the Garden Doctor from KEX at the nursery.  They also have some seminars on pond building and garden design.  You can get some big discounts too, including specials on trees, 2 for 1 perennials and a free plant while supplies last.  Larsen Farm Nursery (503-638-8600) was also one of our stops this week and it was just in time.  We were able to get a preview of the bar-b-que that Larsen will be having at both of their locations.  Ryan brought out some hotdogs to tell us about the complimentary BBQ that is happening from 11-1.  He also told us about the different events they have planned including a patio design seminar and a special Willow Furniture seminar on the 20th.  For a small fee you can register to be in a class and make your own willow bench or planter box.  They looked very cool!

Al’s Garden Center (503-981-1245 ) was tackling Le Tour by building some cool fall color containers.  All 3 of Al’s locations will have events planned during the 9 day event.  You can learn about Japanese design, dazzling dahlias, or even tour the growing facility where they grow millions of garden plants.  Lora even showed us how to put together a spectacular fall container.  To learn how to do it you can come to their seminar on the 27th in Sherwood.  You can also check out the specials on trees, perennials and orchids.

Bauman Farm and Garden (503-792-3524) was one of our last stops of the day and we tried to pack in as much as possible there!  First we previewed the cooking class.  Dana showed us some of the fresh fruit and vegetables that she had on the grill.  Her next class will be in October.  Next we talked to Larry from Terra Nova.  He is doing a talk on the 17th to discuss how they find new plants at Terra Nova.  Everyone that comes to his seminar will receive a free plant.  Then we chatted with Don Sprague from Garden Gallery Ironworks.  He is having a Mole Control seminar on the 19th and you can learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to those little furry garden tunnelers.   He is also joining Garden Time by giving away a bike…details below.  Finally Brian Bauman told us about the Container Party they will be having on the 20th.  There are wine-tasting, local artists and tons of specials to help you save money.

Garden Bike Giveaway

A bicycle built for you!

Here is your chance to win the famous ‘Le Tour des Plants’ garden bike.  These bikes are made locally by Garden Gallery Ironworks and are the signature image of the whole event.  You will find them at garden centers throughout the area marking the le Tour specials at each nursery.  This bike would make a wonderful piece of garden art in any garden.  Simply click here to find the form you need to fill out.  Then drop it in the mail or stop by Garden Gallery Ironworks at the Woodburn Company Stores to drop off your entry.  The contest ends September 25, 2008, so hurry!  We will draw the winner on the Garden Time show at the end of the month.  Good Luck!

Kindergarden – Pinecone Feeders

Fall is right around the corner and that means that times could get tough for your friendly bird population.  We found a kids project that will entertain your kids and help out our feathered friends.  Lynn from Drake's 7 Dees (503-256-2223) brought a young friend to show William how easy it is to make a pinecone feeder for your own garden.  First you need to tie a string around the cone.  Then you smear peanut butter over the cone (smooth or chunky, it doesn’t matter) then you roll the cone in a plate of bird seed.  Use the type of seed for the type of bird you want to attract, or for the type of bird that frequents your yard.  Then hang it up in a tree and enjoy.  You can learn to make one on the 13th at Drakes.  It is part of their Sprouts program for kids.  You can also check out their huge list of seminars, take home a plant or even learn how to make a wreath.  Check out all their Le Tour des Plants events.

Fall Vegetables

People think that fall gardening is difficult or that it is a waste of time, once you get the plants in the ground they are just going to freeze off before you can harvest anything.  But we found out that is not the case.  Dean from Wildcat Mountain Farm joined us at Buffalo Gardens (503-288-0220) on Alberta to talk to us about some varieties of plants that will do very well here in the Northwest.  There are many types of lettuce and relatives of the mustard family that will do well in the NW.  You can even expand your growing season with something as simple as a little growing cloth to cover your plants on those really cold nights.  You don’t need a greenhouse to enjoy an extended growing season.  To learn more check with the experts at Buffalo Gardens or at any independent garden center.  In fact many garden centers are featured in the Chinook Book.  It is the local source for great garden coupons.  In fact you can enjoy deals on all kinds of meals, entertainment and other necessities.  Check out their website for more information.

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