Judy Alleruzzo


 Episode 82
April 19, 2008



William McClenathan

When will it end?  All this cold, wet weather!  The outstanding warm weather of a week ago is now a distant memory.  We are destined to get warm again, but when?  The cold weather is making it hard to get our gardens ready for the coming season.  We will try to keep you updated on what you should be doing in your garden so you can enjoy success later this spring.

This week we featured...

Grimm’s Lawn Seeding

Spring is a great time to plant or over-seed your lawn.  Jeff Grimm took us to a home to walk us through the steps for success.  First, you have to remove the old lawn either with a turf cutter or by spraying it with a broad herbicide (like a Round-up), then you add a couple of inches of garden mulch or compost and roto-till that in.  You then roll it to remove the bumps and lumps. Next you call Grimm’s Fuel (503-636-3623)!  They will come out and apply another layer of mulch, and then a layer of a mulch and grass seed mixture.   They can apply your new yard in a matter of minutes.  Now is the perfect time to act, the soil temperatures are finally warming up and soon you will have a rich, full lawn to enjoy.

Slug Control

SLUGS!!!  These little pests will devour your new plants and vegetables.  If you are looking for way to keep them in check, William met with Norm from Lilly Miller to cover some of the different ways you can deter them.  Norm told us that 80% of the slug bait manufactured is used here in the Northwest.  First William talked about the non-chemical methods of control.  He covered beer traps, some of the scent traps, copper tape which gives them a shock and even an electric fence.  Norm then covered a couple of the broad range applications.  First was the Worry Free product that is safe for pets and wildlife.  Then we talked about the Corry’s product that has a great track record of success, the Deadline liquid product and finally a powdered meal from Lilly Miller.  There are various ways to handle them including chemical and natural methods, and if you have pets or small children you need to make your choices wisely. Take the time to find the method that’s best for you and check with your local garden center if you need help.

Call Before You Dig

There is no better feeling than turning some soil in your garden.  That feeling will disappear quickly if you dig into a utility line.   We found out that there is a new, easy way to avoid this problem.  Steven and Jenna from NW Natural Gas told us about the new 811 number.  This number is a nationwide number to help homeowners and businesses locate buried utility lines so you can stay out of trouble.  The ‘Call Before You Dig’ program is not new, but the way of contacting them is!  One call will help you locate any line.  If you don’t call you can be held liable for the damages of cutting a line.  Just call 811 two business days before you dig!

Little Baja Containers

Choosing the right container is not always easy.  There are so many choices.  We stopped by the new location of Little Baja (503-432-8959) in Tigard to chat with Wayne about what options you have for planters.  Wayne’s main advice, you get what you pay for!  Little Baja selects their containers from smaller companies that they know personally.  This means they get better quality pots and statuary.  Which type of container should you chose?  Wayne mentioned that the serious gardeners will usually select the red clay pots.  These containers breathe and allow the plants to grow better.  If you are looking for a little more style you may want a glazed pot from China or Vietnam which have more colors and shapes to choose from.  If you are looking for a durable container, consider concrete.  These are next to indestructible!  Which ever style you choose, Little Baja can help you make the right decision.  Stop by the new location in Tigard this weekend and enjoy their Grand Opening Celebration!

Stepable Topiaries

Creatures are invading your backyard!  Well, maybe it’s just ‘Creature Features’ from Stepables...  Stepables are the ground covers you can find in your local garden center.  The new Creatures are found on the website.   These topiary animals and characters can be planted with various types of Stepables to create a new skin of color and texture.  All you have to do is remove a few wires, plant your favorite plant and water!  This is a great project for the whole family and you can get your youngsters excited about gardening.

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