Season 2 • Episode 6 - March 22, 2023

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This episode of the Garden Time Podcast finds us at Bauman's Farm and Garden to talk about GardenPalooza. For those who don't know, GardenPalooza is an annual event that started nearly 20 years ago. Producer Jeff was one of the original founders of this event, which features small local garden nurseries from around the Pacific Northwest. After a couple years off for the covid pandemic, we returned last year with the event at a new location, Bauman's Farm and Garden (503-792-3524). The first year at Bauman's was great and we are excited to return for a second year! Recently we stopped by Bauman's to talk with Brian Bauman about all the activities that you will find when you come out on the 1st of April. GardenPalooza is known for a great mix of garden vendors. That hasn't changed. You will find a huge group (over 35) of garden supply, art and plant vendors to choose from. Plus there is free parking and free admission. Being at Bauman's adds even more to the mix. You can bring the whole family because the petting zoo and kids play area is right next to the garden vendor area. They also have a great bakery full of delicious items. The selections include sandwiches, soup, and salads. You can also grab a glass of Bauman Cider to enjoy while you shop.

GardenPalooza is not only a great place to pick up plants for your garden, you can save money while you shop. If you check out the GardenPalooza website you will find a bunch of coupons that you can use at vendors while you are there. If you stop by and see the Garden Time crew at the Garden Time booth you can register for giveaways on the half hour. These include Bauman gift cards and watering and cutting tools from Dramm, which we will talk about later in the podcast. We will also have a drawing for a large metal arbor, valued at $850, from Garden Gallery Iron Works. Garden Gallery is known for their great home and garden art. If you are looking for useful and beautiful garden dιcor you need to stop by their booth. If you want to see more of their great items after GardenPalooza, stop by the Garden Gallery Iron Works store in Hubbard!

Finding GardenPalooza is easy. Bauman's Farm and Garden is located just
south of Woodburn on 99E. Just check out these directions:

From Portland:

Take I-5 South to the Woodburn Exit 271. Take a left off of the freeway and go about 2 miles to Hwy 99E. (you will see Safeway on the corner). Take a right on to Hwy 99E and travel about 3 miles to Howell Prairie Road. (You will see our signs on Hwy 99E before and at Howell Prairie). Travel down Howell Prairie Road about 1/2 mile. We are the first place on the right.

From Salem:

Take I-5 North of Salem to the Brooks / Gervais Exit #263. Turn right off the Freeway, go about 1 mile to the stoplight. Turn left at the stoplight onto 99E. Go 6 1/2 miles to Howell Prairie Road. Turn Right, go 1/2 mile to our farm. (There are signs on 99E when to turn.)

Once you get to the farm you will find signs to direct you to the free parking. Park your car and then head towards the barn/store. You won't be able to miss all the great garden vendors on your way to Bauman's store. Purchase the plants and garden art that tickles your fancy and then drop them off at the free holding area to continue your shopping. Since these are individual vendors, please pay each vendor for your purchase, since there is no central check-out area.

A couple more tips. Since the farm has gravel surfaces the shopping carts don't roll well on those surfaces, so use the plant holding area to 'store' your plants. Then pull your car around to pick them up when you're done for the day. Also, Bauman's Farm and Garden does welcome well-behaved pets on a leash, but since crowds tend to be large it may be upsetting to them. It might be a good idea to leave them at home for this event. We do ask that you clean up after your pet. Please be aware that Oregon law prohibits all animals in the grocery, coffee shop and bakery areas of the farm store at all times.

For more information on the event you can go to the GardenPalooza website and check out the map of the farm to help you navigate.

This year our friends at Dramm Tools are helping us out by being presenting sponsors for GardenPalooza. Now that Spring is here, it is time to start checking out your tools to see if they might need replacing. This applies to all your tools. If you have a poor tool it can really make your job harder and that will take all the fun out of gardening for you. We found an easy way to find some really excellent tools. We just looked for the colorful Dramm display at our local garden center. Dramm makes a huge line of quality tools. We first started with the watering tools. Dramm has been the leader in watering tools for decades.

Judy started with the handheld watering tools, including the One Touch Rain Wand • You can ensure your newly planted seeds get the right amount of water with the One Touch Rain Wand. The One Touch Rain Wand creates a gentle, full flow for quick and thorough watering. The One Touch Valve allows complete and total water flow control with just one touch of your thumb. The watering wand is available in 16" and 30" lengths in all of Dramm's eye-catching colors. The watering wand will help you reach all those tall hanging baskets and when you pair it with the shut-off valve you can save a ton of water too. They also produce a hand-held sprayer. It has a choice of nine different settings so you could go from a powerful stream to a light mist; perfect for any garden job. Brian and Ryan talked about how Dramm is the choice of professionals in the gardening industry. Almost all growers and retailers use Dramm watering tools for their businesses because they are durable and very functional. Dramm also makes a great line of pruning tools. We focused on the two types of pruners that they carry.

Bypass Pro Pruner • This tool is a great item for spring garden clean-up! You can prune small plants, branches, and shrubs effortlessly. The professional-grade pruner is equipped with a blade adjustment gear, which allows adjustment for blade gap maintenance. It has a one-half inch cutting capacity and is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades and the ergonomic handle and non-slip grips fit your hand for a comfortable cut every time. These are also available in Dramm's six enticing colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.

Compact Shear • This is another great item for garden spring clean-up on a lighter scale! It is an ideal tool for cutting flowers and trimming back plants with a fine point for detailed cutting. The lightweight shear is made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades for precise trimming and shaping. Dramm also has a selection of large 'loppers' for those big pruning jobs.

Dramm tools are available at most of your local garden centers.

Finally, we had a chance to talk with Carla from Espoma products. When you are planting your new vegetable garden, remember to get it off to the right start. That means helping your plant get the energy it needs from the soil by using the great products from Espoma. We talk about Espoma and their commitment to the environment. They have been producing great garden fertilizers and amendments for over 94 years. They even converted their production facility and head office to 100% solar energy! Carla brought out four of the main products that people are focusing on for the spring. We commented on the signature look of the bags and how they are easy to pick out in the garden center, but those bags are filled with some great products. The first product was the Bio-tone Starter Plus. Bio-tone Starter Plus is magic in a bag according to Carla. It has soil microbes, mycorrhizae and a starter fertilizer all in one bag. You add this to the hole when you plant. It will attach itself to the roots of your plant and help it convert the nutrients in the soil into food for your plant. Once the plant is growing with a nice healthy root system, you can use Garden-tone to keep the plants growing with even more beneficial nutrients. You will have healthy plants with more flowers and fruit later in the season.

Espoma looks at the needs of many types of plants and then formulates specific blends of fertilizers to address those individual needs. Carla had bags of the Azalea-tone, Rose-tone and Bulb-tone. Each one is made to meet the needs of those plant families. If you are wondering about what type of product to use on your plants and how to apply them, check out their website. They have a 'Learn' tab on their website where you can find great information about when and where to use their products.

We wrapped up our visit talking about soils. Last year Bauman's replanted some beds around their offices. To do that Brian picked the Organic Land and Sea Gourmet Compost from Espoma. This new soil amendment was the newest to the complete line of composts and potting soils from Espoma. This one is called Land and Sea because it combines the best peat and humus from the land and crab and lobster shells from the sea. This gives you a great compost loaded with tons of nitrogen. It also has the two different mycorrhizae to help with superior root growth. This soil amendment was worked into the existing soil. Then as he planted the new plants Brian also added the Bio-Tone Starter fertilizer. This transplant fertilizer helps the plants deal with transplant shock and gives them a little more nutrients to boost their early growth.

As it is said, you want to give your plants the best chance for a healthy start, and to do that you really need the Espoma products.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the GardenPalooza event at Bauman's Farm and Garden on April 1st from 8am to 3pm. If you miss the event and want to contact the individual nurseries, check out the GardenPalooza website. You can also visit Bauman's any time of year for some of their great events, wonderful plants and delicious food!

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