March 25, 2018

Hanakago: The Art of Bamboo and Flowers
February 3-April 1, 2018 • Garden Hours
Portland Japanese Garden, Portland, OR

Our first exhibition of 2018, Hanakago (flower basket), features more exquisite bamboo masterpieces from Portland resident Peter Shinbach’s incredible bamboo art collection, highlighted by the ikebana art of Mrs. Etsuho Kakihana, master teacher of ikebana of the Saga Goryu School at Daikakuji, one of Kyoto’s oldest and most revered Buddhist Temples. Kakihana sensei travels from Kyoto with two prominent ikebana teachers to celebrate Kyoto with floral displays for the exhibition opening. A selection of baskets, including one by a Living National Treasure artist from Kyoto, will be paired with Saga Goryu ikebana arrangements. Staged in the Pavilion and Tanabe Galleries, this is the first bamboo art exhibition of its kind to feature flowers in the baskets designed originally to hold them. Location: Pavilion Gallery & Tanabe Gallery.

Lan Su in Bloom
March 1-31, 2018
Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, OR

Lan Su Chinese Garden begins to shed the cold and gray of winter to “drink in the fragrance” of plants, flowers and everything blooming! Celebrate the blooms and fragrances of Lan Su Chinese Garden. Lan Su's plant collection is filled with more than ninety specimen trees, rare and unusual shrubs and perennials, and signature magnolia, orchid and camellia collections. Lan Su in Bloom is an in-depth look at plants with Lan Su's horticulture staff and garden experts. Take in the sights and scents of special floral arranging demonstrations, guided garden plant tours and talk from plant and garden experts. In addition, visitors will be able to tour Lan Su on their own with special plants guides for the plants in bloom.

Veggie Gardening 101: Basics for Beginners
Sunday, March 25, 2018 • 11:00am
Portland Nursery (Division), Portland, OR

With Gardening Goddess, Jolie Ann Donohue. If you are excited to grow your own food but have little to no experience or you are new to gardening in the Portland climate, this is the class for you! Jolie will discuss the basics of organic gardening including site preparation, crop selection based on site elements, planting, and care techniques. With her decades of gardening experience, Jolie will demystify growing your own food and share her tips and techniques for beginner success!

Year-Round Veggie Gardening: Next Steps
Sunday, March 25, 2018 • 1:00pm
Portland Nursery (Stark), Portland, OR

With Polly Gottesman of Pumpkin Ridge Gardens. Polly has been providing vegetables year-round to her CSA subscribers for decades, and her seminar on planning year-round gardens in our area has been a perennially popular one here. Come learn about the best timing, dependable varieties and other tips so you can garden like you eat – 12 months a year. This second session is intended for more experienced gardeners, and will delve more deeply into growing under plastic during the winter and methods specifically for unusual overwintering outdoor crops.

Veggie Gardening 102: Crop Rotation & Companion Planting
Sunday, March 25, 2018 • 1:00pm
Portland Nursery (Division), Portland, OR

With Gardening Goddess, Jolie Ann Donohue. Take your vegetable garden to the next level. This is a great class for gardeners with a few years under their belt now wanting to dig deeper! Join Jolie and learn the benefits of practicing crop rotation and companion planting for the healthiest, happiest plants possible. Drawing from a decade of gardening experience, Jolie will discuss tips and techniques for crop rotation, great crop combinations and methods for inter-planting, and strategize about how to rotate crops in urban garden plots.

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